Spray Foam Academy World Class Spray Foam Training

Profoam offers three (3) different training schools and certification programs. We offer a One Day Business Seminar at locations all around the United States that will help you evaluate if the spray foam business is for you. We offer an intense 3 1/2-day training and certification school at our Rutledge, GA headquarters, packed with classroom and hands on education, and for those already in the business or in need of more personal and specialized training for you and your staff, we offer one (1) to multi-day training at your facility or job site.

Our training staff has well over 100 years of combined experience in the spray foam insulation, foam roofing and protective coatings markets. Every trainer has operated their own successful spray foam insulation business. 

Spray Foam Academy 4-Day Training School

Come be a certified Profoam installer! Our Spray Foam Academy is a 4-day training school offered every couple of months at different locations for all new spray foam business owners or people looking to get into the business. Learn from the experts – contractors training contractors!

Some of the key topics we go over in the training courses:

  •  Equipment Training
  •  Spray Training
  •  Health & Safety Training
  •  Equipment Maintenance
  •  Equipment Troubleshooting
  •  Marketing/Lead Generation
  •  Networking
  •  Bidding projects
  •  Selling/Closing
  •  Invoicing/AR
  •  Margin Tracking

Profoam Equipment & Business Training Class Details

Ted Medford, one of the industry’s best former contractors and owner of Profoam, will open your eyes to all of the things your spray foam rig is able to do. Insulation applications are just one of the many things you will be able to offer to your customers. Ted will also explain how to measure jobs properly, choose the right materials, and build accurate quotation systems that will insure profitable projects. He will also share his knowledge and experience of marketing, selling and closing spray foam jobs.

Profoam’s National Technical Director, Ken Anderson will present a full day and a half of classroom training and a half day of field spray foam training. He will also go over Building Envelope Training. Ken will cover spray foam material make up, health and safety, equipment operation, equipment maintenance and rig/equipment troubleshooting. After learning all the ins and outs of the equipment, you will take a test on the knowledge you learned. You will earn a Profoam Certification if you pass the test.

The final day’s course will cover our Geotech line of concrete lifting materials and applications, and then you will have a chance to spray foam in our training booth. The classroom portion of this course is taught by Richard Medford who has years of experience in this field. He will cover various application opportunities, discuss the many products that we offer for Geotech applications and go over bidding projects to ensure success and profitability. Ken will then lead the spray foam hands on equipment training and application portion of the course where you will be able to suit up and spray and get personalized instruction on various spray techniques.

Looking to Get Into The Spray Foam Business? Come to Our One-Day Business Seminar!  

If you are 100% committed to getting into the business, then this class is for you to get jumpstarted. If you are still on the fence or wanting to go slower and get involved with sales or sub-contracting first, then this is a perfect venue to help get more educated and make the proper decisions.

Too many folks end up buying the wrong equipment or not properly understanding the sales and marketing tricks and tools that come with getting into this business. Don’t risk losing tens of thousands of dollars making the same simple mistakes others have made by not knowing any better!

Profoam experts will spend half a day opening your eyes to all the things your spray rig is able to do. You will learn the ins and outs of the business, how to measure jobs properly, choose the right materials, build accurate quotations systems that will ensure profitable projects, and marketing strategies for a successful spray foam business. The second half of the day will be spent learning spray foam application techniques and hands on spraying instruction using one of our new Profoam mobile spray rigs. We will demonstrate several Profoam insulation products. Cost is only $249. Seats are limited, so register fast!

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