Spray Foam Insurance for Contractors

Insurance for Spray Foam Contractors

Like any construction trade, there are also risks involved when you install spray foam. Spray Foam General Liability Insurance is basic broad insurance policy that protects you business and those around you. This policy can protect other people (third parties) from bodily injury or property damage as a result of your spray foam business operations. Basically if you hurt someone or damage their property that is what is covered by this policy.

Overspray is another common item to make sure that you have coverage for your spray foam business.

Open Roof for most spray foam roofing companies they just go over the top of the existing roofing but some companies do have to tear off and replace some damaged underlying material. During this “open roof” situation there could be rain, sleet, or snow enter the building and damage the interior structure. This is normally excluded from most general liability insurance policies in order to keep the price down on the insurance policy.

Profoam has teamed up with the leading provider of insurance for spray foam companies. Their name is aptly called “Spray Foam Insurance.” Click the link below to be directed right to their website where you can fill out a request for insurance for your spray foam business.