Profoam Offers Mobile Spray Rigs for Every Application

Profoam offers a complete line of mobile spray rigs for plural component applications such as spray foam insulation, spray foam roofing, polyurea coatings and other. All Profoam rigs are custom designed and built to ensure the needs of our customers are met. One size does not fit all with plural component equipment and spray rigs. Our knowledgeable staff can consult with you and recommend the right mobile spray rig to fit your specific application need.

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  • How to choose the size of the rig that is best for you
  • Common spray foam rig types
  • How to power your spray rig and choose the best power supply
  • How to select the right spray foam proportioner

Common Spray Rig Types

  • Bumper pull trailers (large and small)
  • Gooseneck trailers
  • Box trucks
  • Custom designs

Spray Rig Layouts

See all of the different spray rig options and standard layouts.

Choosing The Spray Rig Size

Mobile spray rigs for the SPF insulation industry are generally configured in bumper-pull trailers, gooseneck trailers or commercial box trucks. The type of application partially determines the size of spray rig chosen. For example, commercial insulation or roofing projects are generally larger than residential insulation projects and therefore require a larger trailer or box truck allowing for more storage of materials. It is not uncommon to spray 4-6 sets of foam per day in these types of applications.

Free Spray Rig Guide

Looking to buy a new spray rig for your foam or coatings business? This E-Book will explain all the key areas to help determine just what type of rig and equipment is best for you.

Choosing The Spray Rig Power Source

Shore Power

Profoam mobile spray rigs can be powered by a heavy-duty electrical cable with lengths up to 250™ and sized according to the required power consumption of the electrical components in the rig. Thisprayfoam rig electric panels configuration is often referred to as a “shore power” system and requires the least amount of vehicle space allowing for use of smaller units. The shore power cable is typically connected to the job site power source through a 240 Volt double pole breaker.

Diesel Powered Generator 

Profoam mobile spray rigs can also be powered by generSpray Foam Rig Diesel Generator by Profoamators making them completely “self contained.” The ultimate mobile spray rig design would feature a diesel engine generator for long term dependable power supply. Diesel powered generators are generally sized between 25-60 KW, are permanently mounted inside of the spray rig and can be operated in single or three-phase power. Single-phase units have the flexibility to add a transfer switch and shore power cable allowing you to choose between running the equipment off of the generator or the job site power supply. Three phase generator units allow for smaller generator units and are considered to be better for the electric motors over a long period of time. Diesel generator units require significantly more floor space than gas or shore powered units. The average diesel powered spray rig is 20’ in length.

In This Ebook, You’ll Learn:

  • Common spray foam rig types
  • How to choose the size of the rig that is best for you
  • How to power your spray rig and choose the best power supply
  • How to select the right spray foam proportioner

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Gas Powered Generator

Air driven systems and some hydraulic driven systems draw low enough amperage to enable a gasoline engine generator to power the system. These generators typically deliver between 14-22 Kilowatts (KW) of power and can be configured on rolling chassis or industrial slides.

The rolling chassis units are secured to the trailer for travel and can be unharnessed and rolled off of the mobile spray rig for operation on the job site. The industrial slide units are configured to slide out of the side of the mobile spray rig while staying permanently attached to the vehicle. This allows the gas powered engine to get maximum airflow while in use, exhaust fumes to be outside of the workspace and reduced noise for the interior of the spray rig.

Gas powered spray rigs require slightly more floor space than shore powered rigs and therefore a larger spray rig is typically required. The average gas powered spray rig is 16’ in length.

Choosing The Proportioning Equipment

Profoam offers sprayfoam and coating equipment from three different manufacturers to help ensure our customers get the best value for their money. We will never force feed one specific product to our customers but rather act as a consultant to make sure our customers have all of the information needed to make an informed decision.

All of the major manufacturers of SPF equipment make excellent products with great warranties. The choice comes down to application needs such as machine output, machine pressure, heating capability and hose length. Read on for the determining factors to help make this decision.

20™ Profoam Diesel Powered Spray Rig

18™ Profoam Generator Powered Spray Rig

16™ Profoam Shore Powered Spray Rig

16™ Box Truck Spray Rig 

16™ Profoam Integrated Spray Rig

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