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Profoam Keeps Business Flowing

Spray foam insulation has been saving homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars in reduced energy bills and lower building costs for years.

Spray Your Way to Profits

As spray foam technology continues to win over builders and their clients, it has also become one of the construction industry’s most lucrative business opportunities. It makes the ideal add-on profit center for not only builders, but HVAC dealers, drywall contractors and even architects.

According to Freedonia, a Cleveland-based research group, increased spending in the construction sector, will drive U.S. demand for spray foam insulation to a 7.6-percent annual growth rate, creating a $10.3 billion market in 2017. Spray foam products will continue to evolve and expand along with the dealers who sell and install these products.ers across multiple industries.

Why Consumers are Demanding it

Reduced energy bills. 

Sprayfoam insulation pays for itself in just 5 years, but continues to save owners thousands over the life of a building. 

Healthier living. 

Fiberglass allows air and moisture into walls, which can cause mold to form. Spray foam does not allow any air movement between the walls.

Lower building costs. 

Foam provides R-21 in walls constructed with 2 x 4 studs. Other insulation materials require 2 x 6 studs which add to the framing costs. Plus, foam achieves a 84 Perm Rating, without a house wrap such as Tyvek. 

Stronger Structures. 

Spray foam could add 75-200% racking strength to a building structure, reducing wall movement due to wind and vibration.

A Proven System For Success

ProFoam has helped launch more than 700 spray foam insulation dealerships. 95% of those dealers are still open, which makes ProFoam a top dealership opportunity. What makes our success rate so high? 

Dealers and contractors who join our team will benefit from:

  • Free project leads throughout the country Website and internet marketing support 
  • Around-the-clock technical support Classroom and field training and continuing education
  • Industry-best customer service 
  • Experienced regional technical sales representatives 
  • Premium products for sprayfoam insulation and roofing

You can join them. Contact a ProFoam representative today to discuss the business opportunity that consistently delivers airtight profits.