Protect your agricultural assets

Spray foam insulation seals out moisture, strengthens structures and forms a thermal barrier for the life of your buildings.

The Problem

When cold weather hits, most people think about protecting plants, pipes and pets. But farm animals, livestock feed, and other food and grain storage are just as susceptible to extreme temperatures.

The Solution

ProAg™ Advanced Agricultural Insulation is the high-performance SPF Insulation from Profoam designed to: 

  • Lower energy and overall operating costs
  • Strengthen Structures
  • Control moisture
  • Provide consistent temperature control
  • Eliminate air Infiltration
  • Prevent moisture penetration
  • Never settle, shrink, compress or sag

Works Almost Anywhere

 ProAg™ Advanced Agricultural Insulation is ideally suited for structures such as:

  • Poultry houses
  • Livestock housing
  • Farrowing houses
  • Grain storage and silos
  • Fruit and vegetable storage facilities 
  • Riding arenas
  • Solid and liquid storage tanks 
  • Metal storage structures 
  • Feed bins

Seal in the savings

Spray foam insulation pays for itself time and time again as it continues to reduce energy use throughout the life of the building.

For new or retrofit applications

Profoam can be applied to side walls, end walls, and ridge caps of existing buildings to form a completely seamless, air and water-tight membrane.

Reliable. Durable. Effective.

Goes on as a liquid, filling the cracks and crevices prior to expansion, adhering to virtually any clean and dry substrate and forming a fully adhered, seamless insulating system.

Spray foam adds structural rigidity, and can even help older metal or wood buildings last considerably longer.